Freedom isn’t Pretty

I used to hear the saying “Pretty is as Pretty does”, Judging people on how they act, how they behave, not on their appearance.

Freedom, Liberty, Republic are three little words that mean so much.

Freedom is a word bandied about by teenagers, prisoners and anyone who desire to rid themselves of their shackles that entrench them in Tyranny!  Some deserve to be in shackles, or think a curfew is unnecessary, Freedom is something to be cherished, it can be fleeting and elusive.

Freedom is more than staying out late at night and partying , or getting away with a crime, it is living your life, without hindrances or those shackles of taxation, laws, acts, reform or an evil regime.

To keep our Republic we have to keep our Freedoms!  How to do that?

Get involved, know the candidates, work for those candidates you believe, read bills and call the Politicians and let them know how you feel about the conditions of our Country, bills that are important to you.  Educate yourself… here at the we are going to supply you with tools, and homework to help us revive our Christian Conservative Heritage.


Freedom or Truth – What is important?  Without Truth there is no Freedom and without Freedom, can you speak the truth?  Is speaking the truth important? Is knowing the truth important?

Keep the Republic.




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